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Yana [ID 6003]
Age: 39y/o
Weight: 62 kg
Height: 172 cm
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
14 August 2007
Whether an age difference is a problem?
Many Russian dating services are offered nowadays in the Internet. You can have a virtual date with a beautiful girl from different countries – Columbia, Peru, Check, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia and even if you tend to exotics, there are such services that may satisfy every individual taste, any beautiful girl from any country, of any culture and nationality will be glad to meet an overseas prince. These dating services became available and reasonable for everyone. Today I will talk about the most popular dating between American men and single Russian women. There are hundreds profiles of beautiful ladies, who are waiting for their love. There are also a lot of scammers among them, and you can visit some anti-scam sites, which will help you to distinguish a serious, marriage-minded girl from a fraud. I would like to give a personal advice to that, who is not young and who believes that he will find his true love among young and beautiful Russian girls. Let’s imagine the situation: You are about 50 years old, you are full of energy, you are lonely and looking for your happiness, for your true love. You have registered at one of the agencies and within a couple of days, you get several letters from Russian ladies, who are about 20 years old. Her beauty covers age difference and you start to believe that she really likes you. The fact that these ladies are looking for older man because they are tired of their difficult life and want a rich man who will provide a good future for them is already a myth, because life has changed greatly in ex-Soviet countries and the ladies are not looking for good life abroad anymore, as they don’t feel too bad in their country. The serious Russian ladies (they really exist on Russian dating sites) are mostly frustrated ladies who are looking for their true love only. Anyway, you are already in correspondence with that lady, she writes you sweet letters and you really believe that this relation will work out. Before you make a serious step and go to see her, just look to the future, to your marriage life with a Russian girl. Let’s pretend that she agreed to marry you, how do you imagine your common life in 20 years? She will be 40 that time, in the middle of her life, moreover, on the top of sexual life, and you will be 70, firstly, not so many people live so long, secondly, potency lives much less. Will you be able to make your Russian wife happy? If she marries you, most likely she does it not because she really loves you, but for some other reasons, such as money or green card. If you don’t have a headache, you will have it when you start relations with a young lady. So, don’t bring problems to your calm life, don’t believe that young princesses who say that age difference is not important for them, who say that they really like you and who say that your soul is much more important than age. Believe me, saying this, Russian brides want your purse only. I truly wish you only good and suggest you to find a good, not less beautiful single Russian woman, who is closer to your age, to your soul, and to your mind, who will understand you and who you will make a strong bond with.
08 February 2007
Romantic trip to Russia? Ask an advice from someone who have been there.
A lot of men from Eastern countries come to Ukraine to find their Russian or Ukrainian bride, very often their expectations about this country is different to what they see in real life. International marriage agency Charming Brides is situated in Kharkov, Ukraine, its staff cares about their clients and want them to enjoy every minute of their stay in Ukraine. If you are one of potential groom for a Russian bride, you would probably want an advice from somebody like you who have already made a trip to this country and have something to tell you. Kevin Carney, Charming Brides USA representative tells, "I have made 2 trips to Ukraine and found my right woman with help of the Charming Brides agency. After my first visit in 2004, I became a great friend with an administrator of the international dating service Charming Brides Olga Bulyga. This friendship has leaded us to successful business cooperation and I became Charming Brides representative in the USA. Now my job is to get Western men ready for their trip to Ukraine because it's important to know before visit about many cultural and social differences between two nations, about unique Ukrainian mentality, about what to expect from Russian lady and what she expects from this international date. I can give you an American point of view on things: what is the country like, how tasty is the food, how are the apartments, what is the traffic, how to exchange money, how to buy things at the supermarket, what to bring with you and much more.... For example, I can say that Russian single ladies pay much attention to clothes, they cook so tasty dishes that you may immediately fall in love with one of them, there is a custom to invite people at home and to prepare a lot of delicious food for guests. Russian women like flowers especially red roses, and it is very convenient to have a taxi with an experienced driver with you and so on. If you are looking for your charming Russian lady or going to visit Ukraine just give me a call 1-360-260-9206 or visit the website of Charming Brides Marriage dating service to get more information about Ukraine and Russian and Ukrainian women," finishes Kevin.
08 February 2007
How to find your true love in Ukraine
If you are one of those men who are dreaming to find their true love oversea and ready to come to Ukraine to meet your Russian or Ukrainian bride, you must be aware that your expectations about this country can be completely different to what you will see in real life. Before your first visit you must read as much as you will find about many cultural and social differences between two nations, about unique Ukrainian mentality, about what to expect from Russian lady and what she expects from this international date. Where to find this information? Internet will help you. There are many online forums and communities of Western men who were lucky to find their right ladies in Ukraine and they can tell you what is the country like, how tasty is the food, how are the apartments, what is the traffic, how to exchange money, how to buy things at the supermarket, what to bring with you and much more. For example, you will know that Russian and Ukrainian single ladies pay much attention to clothes and appearance. They cook so tasty dishes that you may immediately fall in love with one of them and there is a custom to invite people at home and to prepare a lot of delicious food for guests. Russian and Ukrainian ladies like flowers, especially red roses, and perfumes, especially French ones. The most important question for each traveler is where to stay for accommodation. Just imagine the situation: you are a foreigner; you came to Ukraine for the first time, alone. What will you do first? Of course you will search where to stay. Of course, you can chose a hotel, but if you need something better than a hotel room? Then you need to know where you can rent an apartment for any period you want, which meets European and American standards. What are the apartments' advantages over the hotel room? It is usually bigger, more comfortable and the most important you may cook anything you want. In case you go to meet your Russian or Ukrainian bride, there is a nice opportunity for her to cook a delicious dinner for you in the apartment. How to find and book apartments in Ukraine? As always, Internet provides you with a lot of opportunities, which can satisfy any taste. Just search in search engines for the certain city or town you have selected for your trip and you will find many websites, which offer apartments for rental and booking any of them online. It is very convenient to have a taxi with an experienced driver to save your time in nerves in moving in the unknown place. What's about ordering personal tour from a Ukrainian agency? That can be a really good idea if you find a reliable and trusted agency that can help you with visa, transfer from/to airport, apartments rental, interpreting services, meetings with ladies, advice and help you with having local mobile phone number, etc. How to find a good marriage agency? Again, Internet will help you. Search in Google, Yahoo, or MSN will bring you millions pages with websites and you really have what to choose from. A reliable a trusted marriage agency must have visible contact information and their website, be able to provide you with contact of their previous customers so you can talk to a real men who used their services before. If you are still in search of your right lady you may be interested in looking at the ladies profiles. The girls at the agency website must look natural, yes, most of them may look very attractive and pretty, but stay of away of the agency where all girls are of model look only because it is scam and fake photos.
03 February 2007
How to lose weight without any diet?
How to lose weight without any diet? Get married with a Russian woman! It is hard to explain, but foreign men who get married with Russian women start losing weight after few months of common life. The lady Tatiana who moved to her husband Tom to Colorado tells us that his coworkers and friends asked to open the secret of getting slimmer: ” What is the reason, Tom? What is your diet? Or, is she so active that she does not let you sleep a minute at night?”
It is not only about night activity, it is really a diet! All of you know that east and west are very different not only in traditions, cultures, way of thinking, but also in nutrition habits. What do they like in America? Tatiana tells us: ”I noticed that they like different types of meet, vegetables, rarer sea-food, but it takes time to cook it and as a matter of fact they eat more of hamburgers and hot dogs with mayonnaise, ketch up or sauces. I used to work in a supermarket and always took some lunch with me; it usually was a piece of meet with fresh cucumber or tomato. My coworkers asked me how could I eat a fresh tomatoes, because it was such a “yuck” things in their opinion. When I gave some caviar to my husband, he found it so disgusting that he immediately went to brush his teeth! Kids can’t stand vegetables and use carrots and broccoli as bullets to through to each other when playing.” “I’ve seen a very impressive advertising where a boy saw in his nightmare that there was nothing to eat except beets, some kind of burger was promoting…”
Ukrainian culture tends to love veggies, they cook beets and tomatoes for Christmas dinner and caviar and sea-food is considered to be a delicates. Kids eat veggies from early childhood and find it very tasty! Russian wives usually cook real (not canned) soups and borsch for her family every day. Tatiana continues “Well, when I started cooking a typical Ukrainian way for Tom, to my big surprise, he began losing weight. I think the reason is in the diet rich with fresh veggies and fruits, using natural components instead of semi cooked ingredients, what differs a lot from his previous nutrition- can soups, hotdogs etc…”
“Though, I must note that Western people are more organized as for meal hours. They always eat at the same time. Ukrainians have a very late dinner- what is not very good for the stomach.”
Well, take the best things from all cultures, stay healthy and happy as we are!
14 September 2006
There are dozens of Russian women and girls looking for foreign husband: how to differ who is serious and who is playing games?
There are many Slavonic ladies who post their photos and information over the dating sites and marriage agencies. Foreign men have huge choice of pretty Russian brides and get lost in hundred profiles. You may find blondes, brunets and red haired women of any age, height and complexion, with kids and without… How to find somebody who would be honest in her intentions, sincere, attractive, and serious to follow you to your country and the most important would be loving and caring wife and mother?
Start you search from the website itself. You may write letters to the girls on free sites, but most of scammers are exactly there! They are not interviewed by anybody and extort money right at home in front of the computer. In most cases she would complain that she lost her job and she needs your help by "Western Union". Marriage agencies protect their customers from scammers, but you still need to find honest marriage agency in Ukraine or Russia, which care to deal with honest girls.
Honest marriage or dating agency would always place a complete info about themselves with photos, map of the office, telephone number and would have a reliable customer service.
-they would post the photos not only of beautiful girls who look like models but of all ladies who sign up with them, as the main goal of such agencies must be giving an opportunity to people to unite in the families and find their happiness.
-the database of the photos must be changing, the brides are getting unavailable ( getting engaged, married), why would an honest marriage agency keep those photos in the ladies gallery?
-office manager would keep an eye on renewing the web design to support it dynamic and interesting for the customers. The prices would be stated right away on the site, so that they do not vary upon your request.
When you found few agencies like this, you start examining profiles in order find your potential Russian wife and decide who you want to write to. Serious girls usually give complete information and try to mention not only her hobby likes "swimming" but also she would describe a man and a type of relationship she is looking for. In her correspondence your Russian woman would attentively answer your questions and for sure would ask the hers writing the letters approximately 2 times per week. She would never ask for money or even imply, would not be insisting on coming to your country before you visit her motherland… When you come to visit her, she would try to take days off at work or at least spend with you as much time as possible every day. As soon as you both decide your relationship became serious, she would introduce you to her friends and parents. Well, all the rest is above your intuition, if all all of this happened with you, it is very obvious your Russian fiancee will soon come to your country where you will have wonderful continuation of your connection…
09 September 2006
Compatibility test as help for foreign guys to reveal real intentions of their international bride
Who would not like to marry a attractive Ukrainian lady whose priority number one is not a career but her kids and family? It is an aim of many western men who surf the web in hope to be lucky. But can they be sure that pretty faces looking at them from photos posted at the websites of international marriage agencies are actually as serious as they state in their profiles? No they can’t, many of guys were burnt with scammers and lost the faith in international dating. But now doubts are about to be over…
A licensed family psychologist Natalia Rachmail who works with the data and gives 99% accurate results, explains “Charming Brides Marriage agency created a service of compatibility test which explains not only true intentions of the lady, but her personality, way of thinking in different life circumstances, your level of compatibility. You both complete the 105 question questionnaire and receive the results where you see your and her individuality as to:
1. personality as emotional issue
2. self-esteem degree
3. personality concerning specifics and requirements for communication (if the lack of communication will result in psychological discomfort )
4. behaviour patterns (the level of sensitivity, openness, sensuality, straightness, enthusiasm, trust)
5. honesty in her marriage intentions
6. approach to age difference, would it be an issue for discomfort or it would strengthen the marriage
7. expected type of relationship “leader or leaded” , values hierarchy ( family, children, career )
8. her opposition to stresses and specifics on making decisions
9. her skill of adaptation to new culture.”
The customers who tried this test were absolutely satisfied and here is what Chris Miller (one of them) told: “This test helped me to avoid making mistakes and wasting my time, I am happy I did it!”
"Charming Brides is a successful international marriage agency with perfect reputation and its main goal is to help people all over the world to meet and unite in couples. To see more interesting details and other helpful information on international dating visit our website or call to our office +38057 704 1267, " concludes Natalia.
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