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General Questions

Q: Are the ladies real in Charming Brides? What are they like?
CharmingBrides: Yes, they all are real. CharmingBrides staff personally interviews every lady that wants to join our agency. We check her marital status and check her name in various black lists. We constantly check our database and remove the profiles of the ladies who are not interested and not available.
Allan Smith: Indeed the Ladies are real. I have met quite a few of them at the office on my many visits to Kharkov.
Skip Gilmore: Yes, I have found all the ladies I've written to be real and seriously searching for a husband. The staff at Charming Brides tries to know their ladies very well and of course a lady could give false impressions but I have found that when this rarely happens, the staff will remove the lady from their website and inform the men of any problems.
Kevin Carney: They are real. I found the girls to be very courteous and friendly. They are inquisitive about the man's lifestyle and interests and this allows stimulating conversations.
Shane Allanby: The impressions I got from the girls I met is that they seem very sincere in finding their partner.

Q: Why do ladies from Ukraine want to find a man from abroad?
CharmingBrides: All the ladies listed in our database are looking for a life partner, for a reliable husband and a father for their kids and it does not matter where he would be from. He shouldn't be necessary a foreigner: coming to the agency, women give themselves one more chance to find new opportunities for happiness.
Allan Smith: There are many reasons why a Ukrainian woman would look for a man from abroad. It could be that she sees more opportunities overseas or it could be that there are more men to choose from. I know many Ukrainian women and all their stories are different.
Skip Gilmore: I think the ladies from Ukraine are looking to find a man abroad for several different reasons. Most seem to be that Foreign men are more serious and, as the majority of the ladies of Ukraine, looks for the traditional marriage relationship.

Q: Is it easy for a lady to leave her country?
CharmingBrides: No, it is not. This is her motherland. Most of them have interesting life here. It will be very difficult to move to another country. They would do this important step - leaving the country and getting married to the foreigner, only in case she finds you reliable and decent person!
Allan Smith: For most women it is not easy to leave their motherland but of course if she finds someone to spend her life with, she will make the change.
Skip Gilmore: That question has different answers. To get a visa to a foreign country can be difficult and take many months to acquire. However, emotionally, if can be difficult for a lady to say goodbye to friends and family. But if she is really serious, and if her man helps her and gives her lots of love and support, she will make the transition in time.

Q: Is it true that all Ukrainian women want to leave Ukraine?
CharmingBrides: No, it is absolutely not true. We had clients who think Ukrainian ladies have just one aim persuading- get out of the country, it is a myth. Yes, economical conditions in Ukraine are not so good, but most of the ladies have interesting work and life here, they communicate with their friends, have active social life, they work and study. They are ready to change all this only for a good man, whom they will really love and devote their lives to. Ukrainian women have a very distinctive approach to the life partner search. Those who are not distinctive are in black list!
Allan Smith: For many of the women in Ukraine I don't believe that they want to leave Ukraine as such. I think the main reason for ladies from Ukraine looking abroad for a husband comes about from the fact that there is a disproportionate number of men to women. There are not enough men to go around.
Skip Gilmore: I think this is a myth perpetrated by unscrupulous agencies and the media that thrives on conflict. I think most Ukrainian women would love to find a man locally for many obvious reasons. However, everyone is different and all have their own reasons and they make their choices. It is silly to try to lump all Ukrainian ladies into one category.
Shane Allanby: I don't think Ukrainian girls want to leave Ukraine unless they really meet their real soul mate!

Q: Can be an age gap a problem?
CharmingBrides: It's a mistake to think that Ukrainian ladies prefer men much older than they. For Ukrainian ladies the normal age gap is not more than 15-17 years. Though it is very individual. Psychologists advise to people to find the partner from one mental group, from one generation.
Allan Smith: The age gap is an interesting subject. Many girls from FSU countries, look for an older man for many different reasons. Stability and security would be the main two I think. Older guys should have their lives sorted unlike many younger guys. A lot of older guys though, want a younger wife. For a while it can be fun but after a while the younger women wants to live her life and do all the things that young women want to do. Some relationships with a large age difference can be great but be warned, a large age difference is not always a good thing.
Skip Gilmore: I think this question depends on each individual too. Some ladies like a more mature man and some don't. I have noticed that some very young ladies will look for a man 2 or 3 times their age. But then as you look at the preferences of ladies a little older, this changes to a more reasonable range. I think an older man should beware of very young ladies.

Q: Do the ladies know English?
CharmingBrides: Only few of them are fluent in English, some of them have medium level, that means they can discuss everyday topics, can read and write with a help of the dictionary, but unfortunately the majority of them have poor level of English. That's why we suggest our translation services, that are absolutely free for ladies. Usually Ukrainian ladies are quick to study. Note that we have a service of English lessons to improve knowledge and simplify communication with you.
Allan Smith: Some of the girls speak very good English and some don't. Some of the girls even have lessons to learn English just because they think it is a good idea to know it. Of course, they are all very keen to learn.
Skip Gilmore: Most of the ladies do not know English or any other foreign language. But all seem more than willing to learn. The Staff at Charming Brides are excellent English teachers and of course, there are other options for learning any language available too.

Q: Why should I pay for Charming Brides services instead of use free or cheap dating sites?
CharmingBrides: Charming Brides go through a great job of selecting the ladies, interviewing them and accepting only those who are serious and family oriented. We would like you to pay attention on such an important topic as letter translation! More than 85 % of your success depends on the translation of your letter and lady's understanding what you wanted to express! Do not forget that due to the way of thinking the same sentence can be taken differently by people from different countries; electronic translators or bad human translation will provoke or enlarge misunderstanding. Do not make your communication more complicated by using electronic translators, they are very inaccurate and amazingly wrench the information. We provide our clients only with high quality services of translation, English and Russian lessons, tour guiding and much more. We have fully equipped office in Kharkov downtown and keep our reputation on high level. Using our services of letter translation you guarantee success to your relationship.
Allan Smith: Charming Brides offer a complete range of services at good prices. You can be assured that all the girls are interviewed by the CB staff individually so that they are known to be serious in their intentions. When you travel to Kharkov and use the services of CB, everything is taken care of for you. You don't have to worry about a thing. With the free or low price sites you need to do a lot of planning yourself and sometimes when you get there the prices that you thought were cheap are suddenly inflated substantially.
Skip Gilmore: I've been on the free dating sites and I've noticed that an extremely large percentage of the ladies there fall into 3 categories. The biggest is that they are translation agency staff using stolen photos and just are trying to get you to pay their translation fees. Secondly, the girls are real but are scamming you into sending them money somehow. There are a multitude of different scenarios to watch out for. And lastly, there is a one in a thousand chances that the girl is real. But why take a chance? Go to a reputable agency.
Kevin Carney: The advantage to an agency is the personal knowledge of each of the women to better assist in matching up the right personalities. There's no shortcut; using the agency's knowledge and experience is essential. This is the only protection against scammers.

Q: What is the best way to write an introduction letter to a Russian woman?
CharmingBrides: First of all, your letter should sound emotional and personal. Ukrainian girls also feel when a letter is pre-written. Start with who you are and where you are from. Mention where you live, in a house or in an apartment, what is your job, age, marital status, tell if you have kids. It would be very pleasant for her to know what attracted you in her profile and what made you write her. Tell about your family if you have brothers and sisters. You should write what kind of person you think you are, what you like and what you dislike. How do you like to spend your leisure time? The most important is to describe what woman you are looking for: what type of relationship you seek, how you see your future family... Try to tell about the things not as if you are numbering them, but from your own personal experience. The more emotion you show in your letter, the more emotion and interest you will get in return. Ukrainian women are very emotional and appreciate affectionate men. Be serious and that she would understand your serious intention, it is ok to mention that you would be ready to come to visit her in coming future. Always ask questions, because serious man would have bunch of questions to a woman he likes. Don't try to be too sweet to please her, sound real and don't hesitate to express your own opinion on things.
Allan Smith: The best way to write an introduction letter is to just be yourself and tell them about yourself, your life and your family. You may think it is boring but your lady will want to know all off these anyway. Don't "oversell" yourself. Your lady will not like it if you go to visit and you are not who you said you were. Keep it simple, keep it light and be honest.
Skip Gilmore: The best way to write an introduction letter is to be honest and be interested in the lady. Yes, give her some information about yourself but ladies like the men to be interested in them and to ask them questions. But, all this must be real and from the heart.

Site Usage

Q: How can I see lady's profile?
A: To have full access to all ladies' profiles you have to register at our website. Registration is free of charge and very simple, it won't take you more than 5 minutes.

Q: Who can see my profile?
A: Ladies who join our agency or who are already our members have full access to all men's profiles registered at our agency. So don't be surprised when a pretty lady will write you first. Note that if you attach a photo to your profile it will attract more girls' attention.

Q: How can I contact a lady?
A: When you have chosen a lady you like just click "E-mail" at the bottom of her profile and follow the tips, that's as easy as 1-2-3.

Q: How can I send a photo to the lady?
A: Just attach the photo to your letter with the help of button "Browse" under the letter body and choose an appropriate payment.

Q: How can I pay?
A: You may pay through PayPal system, if for some reason you can't use PayPal you may use Western Union to transfer money. Contact our manager for more information.

Q: How can I change the orders I've made?
A: If you'd like to remove an order from you basket before you paid, just put a tick in the column "Remove" near the product and click "Update".

Q: How can I talk with the lady?
A: You are welcome to choose one of the services - "Phone conversation" or "Videochat" from the list of services, and our manager will help you to agree the time with the lady.

Q: How can I visit the lady?
A: You are welcome to visit Kharkov with CharmingBrides. Visit our "Personal Tour" page to know more.

Q: Can a lady visit me first?
A: It will be quite problematic for her to obtain a visa if you hadn't meet before, all of our customers come to visit the woman to Kharkov or places of their living.

Q:What is “sign of interest”?
A: Sign of interest is a way to find out whether a girl is interested in you or not. When you send sign of interest to a lady, we call her, she comes to the office, looks at your profile and if she is interested she sends you reply sign of interest, if no - she declines your sign of interest. When you know that a girl is interested in you, you may write her a letter to develop your acquaintance. In addition, a girl may come to the office, look through men's profiles and if she likes you she will send you a sign, to let you know that she is interested and to find out your impressions. So be ready to get signs from pretty Ukrainian girls!