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Our Couples
Photos of our couple of 2015
Paolo from Portugal and Tatiana from Kharkov ( Ukraine) met through our site .They had few letters exchange and few video conferences with CharmingBrides. Paolo came to Kharkov in 1.5 months. They had chemistry from the first time. Paolo proposed to Tatiana and they got engaged on the 1st of June of 2015. They made all necessairy papers and got married on the 30st of September. We wish them good luck and many happy years of happiness!!!

Todd and Olga
Another updating of charming family story! Todd and Olga have been living 6 years together. And as the result of their pure love and feelings they have 2 wonderful kids! Still feeling affection to each other, shining with happiness!

Ludmila and Joseph
Ludmila and Joseph are happily married thanks to Charming Brides. Recently they moved to a new house in a Benton, Illinois.

Their photos is another inspiration for those who are still looking for a Special One!

Peter and Luda - we meant to meet and be together...
Just like in a fairy tale, Peter and Luda’s story began in an ordinary manner, eventually to exceed into a blizzard of hard situations and obstacles meant to prove that true love exists and if two people are meant to be together there are no boundaries that can stop them! They met by chance on the internet in November. Peter saw Luda on the CB site and made up his mind to win her heart. Unfortunately, Peter was unable to meet Luda while being in Ukraine but the minute he returned home they immediately started to keep in touch. Feeling affection Peter wanted to correspond with Luda directly. Regardless her Basic English skills, she immediately agreed. They liked each other from the first moment, from the first pictures exchanged. Gradually, both feeling affection, they decided to take things to the next level! They both felt they were a perfect match for each other so they decided – “No more time to waste!” This way in February, less than 3 months from starting, what appeared in the beginning to be just a flirt but now turning into a serious thing, Peter found himself on a flight back to Ukraine. He was feeling very excited, imagining himself a knight who is going on a quest to save his Princess and he was determined he would stop at nothing. The same feelings had also filled Luda’s heart. And this is where fate decided to test if they were worthy one another. Thinking only about Peter’s arrival, Luda completely forgot her documents and the flight number! In the end it turned out she had also mixed up the arrival time of the plane. Peter’s flight was delayed for a whole day but she waited patiently until he came. Finally, he arrived! Now the couple had to face another problem which was the language barrier but this time things went a lot more smoothly! They invented their own language which was a mixture of English and Russian words along with a lot of hand signs! Google translator was also helpful)), though sometimes funny. Happy for finally being together they did not feel time passing and enjoyed every moment of their first date! Now they keep on talking all the time and they make plans for the future! By the way, Peter will soon be back to Kharkov to be together with his one and only Charming and Gorgeous Luda!

Shane and Julia (updated)
Me and Julia met back in August 2007, we got married in 2008 and we have a beautiful daughter who is now 4.5 years old. It was the first time I had travelled overseas from Australia but I knew I had to do it to find a woman who would love me and appreciate me and who would want to have a family. Trying to put my life back together after one unsuccessful marriage and a few attempts of trying to build relationship with women in Australia, I knew what I had to do. I planned my trip well, I saved a bit of money to allow myself to spend a month over in Ukraine in order to find my true love. I wrote to several women in advance to get to know them better as well as to learn more about Ukrainian women. I booked a package deal with Charming Brides where everything was inclusive: all day translation, accommodation, pickup from airport and drop off, meeting as many girls as I wanted, as well as a tour around Kharkov and a taxi everyday whenever I needed to get anywhere. I think the more women you meet the more chance you give yourself to find your true love. I think it is enough to spend a couple hours together to know that you both like each other. And it happened with me and Julia. We knew we liked each other a lot from the first time we met. I will not get into much detail of how our relationship developed, but to make a long story short, I proposed and she agreed and in a few months we got all paperwork and visa ready for her to come and live with me in Australia. It has now been nearly 7 years since Julia arrived to live with me, we have a daughter, we bought a new house, we moved to Brisbane from Victoria and enjoying our life together. We had our ups and downs, everyone does, but I know for sure that if I didn't make that big decision to go and find my love in Ukraine, I wouldn't have what I do now. Just give yourself a chance!

I have always dreamed to have a family...
We have met on this site by destiny. We were in correspondance for a long time just as friends. Dustin has decided to come and visit my city, meet me in real. Olesya the administrator helped us a lot, we could not see each other without her. Dustin has met my parents and my father has told me : Alena, i have never pushed on you, but if you ever want to create a family, please, look for a man like Dustin. It was his advice. But I didn't know that time, that I will love Dustin to death in a year. and we will be a husband and a wife. He came on January to apply for fiance visa for me. .I signed the documents without hesitation. Dustin has got a divorce with his ex-wife and he was afraid to make a mistake, he was very careful. I like it, he was not like other men. First, he was a friend of mine. He visited me very often and we had very good time together: talks and laughing. I showed him my city, we had incredible holiday in Nikolaev. One day he woke me up at 5 AM crying : "Alena, wake up!" I thought something bad had happened, but he cried out as I have got a visa, we just needed to visit Kiev for it. We were so happy! He asked the permission from my parents by Ukrainian traditions. My parents were shocked, in any case, they were happy for us! I have always dreamad to have a family, where you are loved and love... I have it now thanks to Dustin!

Charles and Ludmila
I should like to give a Glowing recommendation to Charming Brides for anyone wishing To seek out their true Love with the help of their services. The integrity and dedication of the agency and the associates is unsurpassed by any other firm. the attention You will receive by the Managers' far exceed any expectations You may have. Upon my arrival to Kharkov I was greeted by a very Lovely and professional Young (Ukrainian) Woman from Charming Apartments who showed me to the wonderful apartment that I had reserved. Everything was as they had promised. Nothing was overlooked. She gladly showed me where I might find restaurants and other services to make my stay enjoyable. Also, I had the opportunity to meet my Charming Brides manager that had graciously made plans for me to see the Lovely Young woman I had come to Kharkov to visit. It all was so exciting for the both of us and nothing was overlooked. Now my fiance and I are well on our way to making that commitment to spend the rest of our lives together. If You have not dated (a Ukrainian Woman) before, Your Charming Brides Manager can assist You in understanding Your true Love in a deeper, more meaningful way. Understanding Your true love is one of the joys that make it all worthwhile. Gentlemen these are hopeful, sincere, Wonderful, marriage minded young Ladies who have chosen Charming Brides to help them find their true Happiness, just as you have done. If You are sincere, You will find the Love of Your life, and the wonderful Managers and associates at Charming Brides will be there with You every step of the way! So do as I have done and choose Charming Brides to find that special someone to make Your life complete! Best wishes! Charles. (Чарльз)

Albert and Anna

Dustin and Alena
Once upon a time Aluyona saw an expression of interest ( a kiss) in her Mailbox from Dustin on At first she could not understand whether she really liked the man in the photo with a brief description in his profile,but she answere "yes" on that kiss and never regretted about it . Going online, she decided to talk with him in the letters. They could not stop talking from the first days of dating online. They exchanged many letters. After 3 months of such communication Dustin has decided to come to Ukraine to Krivoy Rog. They were very happy they the first week when he was here spending every day with Alyona! He gave her manay flowers, they went for a walk to the park, had nice evenings in the restaurant. Everything went well from the very beginning. Dustin left home to USA. While Alyona was waiting for another meeting with Dustin, he decided to surprise her, he left everything in Columbus and flew to Krivoy Rog (Ukraine) to ask Alyona's heart and hand at her parents. Dustin bought an engagement ring and proposed to Alyona! She accepted! In 2015 Alyona and Dustin gave birth to a beautiful girl Beata. Here is our story. To be continued...

William and Tatyana (5255)
Tetyana met William in December. They started correspondence and were talking on the phone with the assistance of the translator. They had very warm and honest relations. William attracted Tatyana’s attention, because he was an open-hearted person, very attentive and careful.
William flew to Kharkiv on the 12th of June. They met at the airport and spent 5 unforgettable days together. Tatyana introduced William to her family, they went sightseeing, visited parks and amusement parks. After William’s departure they continued our correspondence and had a phone chats using such program as skype. They decided to meet once more to get to know each other better, so William came again on the 20th of September. William proposed to Tatyana. And they decided to have their wedding when Tatyana come to the USA with the help of fiancee visa.
William and Tatyana got married on Friday 21. August in Miami Beach Florida.They had a wonderful Honeymoon in Key West Florida.

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Our Couples