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Veronika [ID 10630]
Age: 34y/o
Weight: 63 kg
Height: 170 cm
Hair: fair
Eyes: grey
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Charming Brides reliability is in itís ladyís sincerity
Fast teamís accessibility and timely service delivery

1506964_10204283013609004_8349548651449074177_n.jpg Shane and Julia (updated)

Me and Julia met back in August 2007, we got married in 2008 and we have a beautiful daughter who is now 4.5 years old. It was the first time I had travelled overseas from Australia but I knew I had to do it to find a woman who would love me and appreciate me and who would want to have a family. Trying to put my life back together after one unsuccessful marriage and a few attempts of trying to build relationship with women in Australia, I knew what I had to do. I planned my trip well, I saved a bit of money to allow myself to spend a month over in Ukraine in order to find my true love. I wrote to several women in advance to get to know them better as well as to learn more about Ukrainian women. I booked a package deal with Charming Brides where everything was inclusive: all day translation, accommodation, pickup from airport and drop off, meeting as many girls as I wanted, as well as a tour around Kharkov and a taxi everyday whenever I needed to get anywhere. I think the more women you meet the more chance you give yourself to find your true love. I think it is enough to spend a couple hours together to know that you both like each other. And it happened with me and Julia. We knew we liked each other a lot from the first time we met. I will not get into much detail of how our relationship developed, but to make a long story short, I proposed and she agreed and in a few months we got all paperwork and visa ready for her to come and live with me in Australia. It has now been nearly 7 years since Julia arrived to live with me, we have a daughter, we bought a new house, we moved to Brisbane from Victoria and enjoying our life together. We had our ups and downs, everyone does, but I know for sure that if I didn't make that big decision to go and find my love in Ukraine, I wouldn't have what I do now. Just give yourself a chance!
 Shane and Julia (updated)  Shane and Julia (updated)
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