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New Year celebration in Ukraine

Ask the common man in Ukraine about his favorite and the most remarkable holiday of the year and you will most likely hear the New Year celebration. Partially, this is due to long lasting soviet propaganda which brought up a few generations with total denial of any religious holidays like Christmas and Easter. Now things are changing but the New Year's celebration is still on the top of favorite holidays in Ukraine. It is traditional, well-organised and has its own symbols. The First symbol is the New Year Tree - the decorated fir-tree or pine-tree which must be installed in every flat or public place. It is supposed to bring_luck to its owner during the whole year. New Year Trees are being sold on special markets 1-2 weeks before the New Year eve. Police organizes special control on main roads to catch poachers cutting trees without a permission. The second symbol of New Year is Did Moroz (grandpa frost - translation)- the analog of Santa in Europe and the US. No particular differences between Santa and Did Moroz, he comes and brings gifts to children and adults. Did Moroz always has a helper - Snigurka, his granddaughter according to the holiday's legend. Unexpectedly, the third symbol of New Year are tangerines and "olivier" salad. Many years during the Soviet Union tangerines were available in shops only on New Year eve, and this memory is still alive especially among older people. "Olivier" salad is also a tradition, usually people cooked it for new year holiday because during the other time its ingredients were not available in shops. Usually people come together for celebrating the New Year and present gifts to each other. It is considered to be a family holiday, a lot of people leave cities and go to villages. Also pupils have_big winter holidays this time and many companies have days off during a week or even more. It has become popular in Kiev in recent years to celebrate New Year on the central square, a stage for performance is installed there. This show attracts thousands of inhabitants and guests. It should be mentioned that besides the regular New Year on the 1st of January many people celebrate Old New year holidays (14th of January) - according to the old Julian calendar abolished more than 100 years ago. We hope this information was interesting and useful for you!


Charming Brides Team.

2018-12-21 13:15:44


Dear clients!

We are happy to inform you that now we are having SKYPE CHATS and you are able to chat in skype with the girl you like? You have a great opportunity not only see your lady, but also to hear her speech and have it translated with the help of a qualified translator! There are some variants of the duration of the skype chat, you can select and discuss it with your lady, as well as the presence or the absence of the translator! You can find the skype chat services in Services - Chatting. We wish you a nice communication and good understanding with your lady!


Charming Brides Team.

2018-07-12 23:36:50


Dear Friends! We are happy to inform you that we are having a few NEW services for your convenience in communication with our ladies! Now the communication can become easier and your meeting faster!

1. NEW! Getting a girl's email without correspondence! Now you can get any girl's email without exchanging of 15 letters with her!!! Just go ahead and bring your meeting closer! For details please go to Services - Chatting

2. NEW! Meeting with the girl without the correspondence! As you know, 1 meeting will say more than hundreds of letters! We are happy to offer you the meeting with any girl you like without the previous correspondence! So if you do not want to spend time on letters, just go ahead and try to impress your lady at the personal meeting! For details please go to Services - Chatting

3. Blind Date! This is a completely new service on our website for real adventurers or those for whom the communication says more than photos! Ordering the Blind Meeting, you do not know which girl from our database you will meet! But for sure she will be meet your age requirements, and will be attractive like all our ladies. Who knows, maybe you will meet your bride just during this date? So go ahead and try your destiny in your luck in love! For details please go to Services - Chatting

2018-06-26 13:08:27

Join us in Instagram!

Dear friends, You are welcome to join us in Instagram to be aware of all the latest news! Please follow the link Instagram

Regards, Charming Brides Team

2018-03-29 11:14:52

Join Us in Facebook!

Dear friends, We will be happy if you join us in Facebook to be aware of all the latest news on the website and to meet new girls! Please follow the link Facebook

Regards, Charming Brides Team

2018-03-19 00:15:52

International Women's Day in Ukraine - 8th of March!

International Women's Day in Ukraine is a fully-fledged celebration, accompanied by an annual holiday and bundles of flowers. It not only commemorates the fight for rights, but is also a chance to express deep respect for women everywhere. Spring flowers are a key element of International Women's Day. Whether it is a bouquet of tulips, snowdrops, mimosa or all mixed together, they are sure to bring a smile on the face of your Mum, Granny, sister or beloved. In the midst of dull and snowy winter weather, the bright colors help bring joy and create a festive atmosphere. In Ukraine, March, 8 is a day of ultimate leisure for women: they relax, receive congratulations, flowers, presents and compliments. It is kind of an unwritten rule to say nice things, either with a heartwarming speech at the celebratory dinner, or just unexpectedly to remind them of your love and tender feelings. However, Ukrainians know that it is not the only day of the year when we should be sincere and kind to women. So do not forget to congratulate the girls you are in correspondence with, they will appreciate this for sure! Sincerely, Elena Golovanova
2018-03-08 09:33:45

New couple!

Hello Everybody. We are glad to tell that one more lady from Kharkov and a man from USA got recently married. These are Nastia and Andrew she is 31 and he is 40. They met in Kharkov and got married in Kharkov and now they make wife visa to USA. God bless them and let them live many happy years in real family)))) I am especially happy as I knew Nastia for many years and she got more than just a client for me but a close friend. We wish all of you guys meet your true woman. Address your questions to us if we may be more useful in your search. Olga
2017-08-12 17:20:16

Questions in your letters to us

Dear friends

You ask many questions in your letters and in your requests as for the seriousness of ladies and for reality of finding a normal women-bride in Ukraine.

About 15 years passed after we started our agency and after we married our first coulples. All men who wanted to find a bride/wife in Ukraine had their experience already. Some guys were lucky and got married but many men were not lucky or even worse- they have been scammed.

It is very sad to tell that many marriage agencies turned to be totally scammers and corporate with women who are not really interested in marriage and aim only to extort money from men by fake correspondences and mails. Agencies and women even corporate between themselves in this durty venture.

I do not want it to happen on my site!!!

I write this article to tell that I had to remove several cities and their women in order to get rid of suspecious dishonest women and local managers.

There are about 200 women for today in our gallery who are interested in marriage. Ladies are from Karkiv, Krivoy Rog and Mariupol . All of them are verified on their authentication and sincerety How do we know their intentions if they are in different cities? First of all the local managers honoured by CB director to be a part of CB meet the ladies and contact them aterwards to help her to find a husband.

Women also want to get married the same as you guys! We ask you very much not to write to our ladies if you are looking for virtual relationship. Our site is destinied for short correspondence to get to know each other and for the meeting If you have some question about some woman and want to know her personality- please contact us and we will answer your questions.

If you have some idea or suggestions on another system of contacting the ladiesinstead of paying per letters - you are welcome to suggest, your opinion is appreciated..... I want it to be convenient for you.

Here is one of our couples Paolo from Portugal and Tatiyana ( my friend) from Kharkiv Written by Olga Bulyga

2017-04-14 13:36:50
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