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Men and women. Differences.

Men and women. Differences.

1. The process of menís and womenís thinking differs a lot. Men think in more logical way and women are more emotional in general, that reflects in a way of thinking too. Ladies can easily create a background for any fact they hear, even the most dry one. This difference often results in misunderstanding. Men usually say what they really mean, while ladies start to look for some hidden sense in menís words. But often ladyís way of thinking becomes helpful, when it is necessary to think about not only the situation itself, but also everything that is connected to it.

2. Priorities of ladies and gentlemen are also different. Men usually put career and success on the first place, when family, healthy kids and home coziness are ladiesí top priorities. This fact is another reason why women blame men of being hard-hearted and the latter consider ladies to be clocking hens.

3. During the accident manís mind shows much faster reaction and ability to take measures right away. Ladies tend to focus on not important things and start acting hectically in extraordinary situations.

4. Fast achievement of aim is another thing important for a man. Interesting, that even a slightest deviation from the before worked plan can irritate a man big time. A lady, on the contrary is patient enough to wait and can easily adjust to the changing circumstances, playing different scenarios in her head.

5. Women are much better at expressing their emotions. That very thing is one of the main differences between the opposite sexes.

It needs to be stressed, that many ladies can possess many of menís qualities stated above, same as men can show some features of typical womenís behaviour. Still, both sexes - feminine and masculine will always be different and that is why incredibly interesting and attractive for each other. No matter what dramas are between girls and boys, we just canít leave without each other.

2015-05-22 11:30:06
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