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Welcome to Odessa!

If you still hasn't decided where you want to go this summer, Odessa seems to be the perfect option! According to European standards, city of Odessa is a relatively young city. It was founded in 1794 by the Empress Catherine the Great. The city of Odessa is the forth largest city in Ukraine. Its population is 1,012,500 (est. 2004). During the summer time number of inhabitants becomes 2-5 times greater. Area mild climate, warm Black Sea, many therapeutic resorts and famous healing muds and mineral springs make it very attractive tourist destination. City of Odessa is a major Ukrainian sea port. Together with its satellite towns of Yuzhny and Ilyichevsk it forms a strategic transportation junction between Europe, Middle East and Asia. The city is a Ukrainian naval base and runs the largest fishing fleet, oil refining, chemicals, ship repairing, food processing and textile industries. Odessa has the highest in Ukraine density of population. 25 of 100 foreign tourists who arrive to Ukraine, visit Odessa. Tourism is the most rapidly growing industry in Odessa. Population of Odessa has 1.5 times greater than average in Ukraine income rate and one of the lowest rates of unemployment. Every year Odessites buy 25 - 30% more goods than they did previous year. There are more than 500 businesses in Odessa which have foreign investments. Most of them belong to the former immigrants, who came back to Odessa. Odessa attracts foreign investors. You will meet here business people from Israel, Russia, Turkey, Chine, Greece, Netherlands. During last four years sum of investments in Odessa region was increased by 220%. The Seventh-Kilometer flea and wholesale market is the largest in Ukraine. The market covers 0.69 square kilometers, has about 6,000 traders, and 150,000 customers per day. Its daily sales, according to the Ukrainian media estimation, were about USD 20 millions in 2004
2015-07-17 15:13:31
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