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Paulo Barosa from Portugal
My story may be quite different from the normal. I met my Lady and now my fiancee after 2 video chats with the agency. Then I requested her personal contact. Today I can say I met the woman of my life. Special thanks to Marina in Kharkiv head office, whom has been wonderful to turn this dream possible.

From Isaac, Nigeria
What a goody social network! I am loving it, in just few months I was able to concretize a growing affinity without stress..., charming brides thank you for a job well done! After a very long time searched, not until now, that I have decided to be rest assured of my better half on this social platform. Guys! I am currently in love, that is fast Metamorphosing into conjugality pretty soon, my soulmate is full of natural vital spark, and most of all, her sincerity. When I told her about my coming to see her, she took days off work, and suspended all important engagements to give me an arousing welcome. The most amazing thing, she is fast understanding my way of life,culture orientations, background and traditional beliefs, what an adoption without further remission. The espousal chimes may soon give a tinkle😃 True love, have no race or boundaries, I am now fulfilled....

From Frank, USA
I have been a member of Charming Brides for several years now, but off and on. In this time and especially recently since I began my search in earnest again a few months ago, the managers at the Kharkiv office have all been very helpful, particularly Elena most recently. She really seems concerned about my success in finding a nice lady! In fact I think I may have found her and I'm seriously considering traveling to Ukraine this summer to meet her. Managers in other cities I have been in contact with have also been very helpful. Although, as some of the others on this page can testify about the quality service they received on traveling to Ukraine, I haven't had this experience yet but I am confident that when I do visit they will help make my trip enjoyable! Frank from USA

From Josep.B: My congratulations from these lines!
Some time ago I decided find a woman on those sites, after give a look to several agencies, I choosed CB among others flashy agencies. Maybe I choosed this one because in few words writen their do not promisse miracles. The time has confirmed that I wans't wrong. In the past I contacted two ladies, and always I received a punctual answer, they exists for sure. Some months ago, I contacted one more lady, and for now all is going perfect between us and soon I will visit her. I used almost all the services offered by the agency and I am very satisfied. From these lines I want express my thankfulness to all the managers, they know how to treat you not as a customer, as a human person, always write back quickly to all the questions or doubts you may have. About translators just the same, quick, and perfectly translated, always in time and sometimes done in unexpected hours. I used video chat service, and ladies are always at the right time, so those lines from a "customer" I just do not believe a line, it seems writen by someone that only wants do bad advices, I can guess why! So, Mrs Bulyga must be satisfied with all the people working there, my congratulations from these lines, and only express her my gratitude for this nice and perfect job done always, and a big thank you for all those managers, continue as now and do not waste time with some bad advices or comments.

Your thank you is very important for us!
All our Charming Brides team work hard on our valued clients satisfaction and we are getting their words of appreciateion. Such kind of feedback is very important for us and such words really motivate us and thus we know we are on right way! Here are some of them : "Wow i sent my email with an inquiry and 5 minutes later you have solved the problem, i am thinking i might be dealing with a wonder company because that was incredible service you have provided. I understand you are doing your job but the service and help from you has been remarkable and in the west this seems to be hard to find anymore. So it exciting to deal with such a company who can just make things happen and is always positive to deal with Charming Brides" "Thank you for your awesome assisting service and without Charming Brides I really do not know where I can be now...I truly appreciate your help, honesty, integrity and details and the excellence that you are at all times... Thank you for your compassion and understanding and your efforts to bring couples together!! Thank you a million times... Your friend. " "Hi Charming Brides staff, yes i had a good experience with your agency that is why i recommended to my friends !!!!" "i have been client for CB for a while now. You must know that I have been treated with respect and attention all the time and even when I have been impatient sometimes I have always received a good and polite attention... During all the time I have been client in CB. I must say that there have been two ladies which deserve my admiration and respect, Olesya and Kate, I cant say enough with words how grateful I am with these two ladies. They have absolutely done everything for me, they have never said "no" to my requests or concerns. THey have ALWAYS behaved polite with me even when I might have deserved another treatment. I think your staff make a fantastic work in CB, please, take care of these ladies because such people arent easy to find!!!" "Thank you so much for your help and patience with my lady and I. There are many things in life that I am grateful, and this lady is something special in my life. I also wish you and your agency the best success, you guys are wonderful. Maybe one day soon, I will get a chance to thank you and your company personally" "Be sure that I'm very satisfied about you job, about the agency, about my assistant's job, and time ago about my former cupid's job too! I know that you do your job as well possible, and I appreciate it be sure of my words" "Your manager did the work perfectly, and all is fine. I am very satisfied with her too. In my opinion Mrs. Buliga can be proud of all the team and even with Human Resources services that they did the job very well, because I am satisfied and honoured in have a such nice team around me. Thank you."

Peter Rogers from Australia
All services were very good, I was very well looked after and all staff are very professional

Love stroty from Dustin and Alena
Here is the love story of our wonderful couple - Dustin and Alena. Alena tells us: "We have met on this site by destiny. We were in correspondance for a long time just as friends. Dustin has decided to come and visit my city, meet me in real. Olesya the administrator helped us a lot, we could not see each other without her. Dustin has met my parents and my father has told me : Alena, i have never pushed on you, but if you ever want to create a family, please, look for a man like Dustin. It was his advice. But I didn't know that time, that I will love Dustin to death in a year. and we will be a husband and a wife. He came on January to apply for fiance visa for me. .I signed the documents without hesitation. Dustin has got a divorce with his ex-wife and he was afraid to make a mistake, he was very careful. I like it, he was not like other men. First, he was a friend of mine. He visited me very often and we had very good time together: talks and laughing. I showed him my city, we had incredible holiday in Nikolaev. One day he woke me up at 5 AM crying : "Alena, wake up!" I thought something bad had happened, but he cried out as I have got a visa, we just needed to visit Kiev for it. We were so happy! He asked the permission from my parents by Ukrainian traditions. My parents were shocked, in any case, they were happy for us! I have always dreamed to have a family, where you are loved and love... I have it now thank to Dustin!"

Steve Casey from Ireland
I was very happy dealing with those people in office of Charming Brides. They are helpful and friendly.

Robbert Mills from USA
When I first started to look at ladies in different countries. Ukraine has the prettiest and nicest ladies. I checked out different dating services and Charming brides is the most knowledgeable and honest service out their. They will do what they can for you!! You need this agency if you want to find a wife. They have done a great job for me to find a lady . I don't like the new way they have to show the ladies but no one likes change. The old way is easier if your not great on the computer. If you want something done that day ms. Kate is the lady to get in touch with!! Marina is the other lady. She is very smart and she knows the law. These two ladies you can't go wrong with these ladies help! Ms. Kate and ms. Marina. Thank you so much! God bless you. From gentleman Robbi, USA

Marco Gatti from Italy
I have been a member of the site Charming Brides for a while and I had the opportunity to share letters, to have video chats and meeting too. The conversations on this website were real and genuine. Lot of girls sincerely looking for a husband. Here you can have a good support, the CB managers are very helpful, available to solve problems, to exchange ideas on the Ladies, to provide clarifications, to contact the Ladies; this not a Mail Order Brides Websites where you are left to your own devices, is an Agency with staff always participating and offering a lot of services.

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