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Eddie Peel from New Zealand
All the members of Charming Brides are really great. Their intuition is better than mine quite frankly. In a short time, they had a list of ladies that they felt matched my character and my age. Out of these meetings came a fondness for a lady that I had not even had correspondence with. We are getting on very well indeed. She will be coming over to visit me soon and I am really looking forward to it. So what is my advice? Get over to the country and see the ladies. Do not over correspond it can build a thought pattern in the mind of either the male or the female which does not match when you see each other.
Be nice to the ladies. Some people from some countries feel they can act as they wish. These are still decent ladies and decent human beings and should be shown the proper amount of respect. Expect to meet someone you have never had correspondence with and feel that magical click as you both get on and feel good about things. Use the services of the agency to the full. That is what they are there for and it is a great investment. The agency arranged all sorts of things for me. Horse Riding, Picnics, Restaurants, Flowers, Interpretation, Transport. There is nothing they will not try to assist with. I got help talking to my bank about a faulty ATM transaction and I also got help choosing and buying a ring. That's to try and give you a feel for the breadth of cover they provide. More importantly they provide advice, guidance and support in terms of the culture, so we do not go and "put our foot in it". I am still using the services for translation and to assist my lady in getting her Passport and Visa. I'd like to finish though by pointing out that you arrive a stranger and leave as friends.
Most of all remember the quote from the author Mark Twain - Twenty years from now you will be disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the one’s you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Damien Bricka from USA
Again thank you Charming Brides for a job well done!
You have always delivered and what you said would do!
Alyona and I had our doubts in getting a visa for her to come and see me in France. But Irina, the manager of CB, kept on encouraging us and telling us that everything would be ok. She took the time to explain to both Alyona and I what needed to be done. And everything went smoothly.
I want to thank again Irina for a job well done. Thank you!!!
Alyona and Damien

Paul Carrusca from Canada

Dear charming Brides team,

Thank you for organizing everything. i am very greatful for your hospitality. Thank you for your wonderful staff. Everybody was very helpful, sincere, honest and hardworking. I'd be very happy to visit your beautiful city again and again. The city was breathtaking with old roads and buildings. My advice is to visit the city of Odessa and meet in my oppinion the most beautiful women in the world!

Best wishes, Paul Carrusca

May, 2011.

Carl from Cody, the USA
I recently returned from my fifth trip to Ukraine. The manager of the agency office in Sumy met me at the airport with my lady and, to my delightful surprise, my lady's son. It is about a four hour drive from Sumy to Kiev, so all of them spent many hours in a car. My flight arrived late in the afternoon. We stopped along the way for dinner at a nice little place outside Borispol. In all my trips to Ukraine I have never had a meal that wasn't excellent. (I have, however, had some that were more excellent than others). The apartment Irina had arranged for me was very nice. It was, by far, the nicest apartment I have had on any of my visits. The weather was extremely cold during my visit, but the apartment was always warm. Also, it was large enough for Tanya and her son to stay with me. The one down side to it was that it was on the eighth floor and the elevator did not work. (I would not recommend it if you have a heart condition). I also want to add some comments about the Charming Brides agency in general. I asked Tanya to marry me (and she agreed) during dinner Valentine's Day. I have just purchased the visa support service to assist her in preparing the documents to send to me. Since that service is still in progress, I will write a review of it later. (Although, I cannot imagine that it will not be as excellent as all their other services). As I mentioned earlier this was my fifth trip to Ukraine. When I first joined the site the only office was in Kharkov. Shortly after my visit to Kharkov (which proved unsuccessful) the office in Sumy was added. Since that time I have been to Sumy and Zaporozhye each three times. (I know guys that doesn't add up to 5 - there were two trips in which I visited both places). The one thing I can say that is consistent from office to office within the Charming Brides agency, is that all of the girls at each office are very serious in helping you find your soul mate, and in assuring that you have a comfortable and safe trip in the process. If you are reading this and wondering whether or not to give this agency a try - GO FOR IT! I truly believe you will be glad you did. I know I am. Good luck, Carl Wheeler, Cody, Wyoming, USA

Carl from Cody, United States!
I have recently returned from my second trip to Zaporozhye_2. The apartment arranged for me was the best one I have had in my four trips to different parts of Ukraine. It was located in a nice part of town only a few blocks from the agency office. When I needed to go to the office I usually walked because it was so close. This was also the second time that Igor was my driver. His English has improved since my first visit and we were able to have conversations to some degree (usually while we were waiting for my date). He is a very pleasant man and a very safe driver. During my stay my lady and I spent a couple days in Berdyansk on the sea. He got us there in very good time and was available to take us around the city if we so desired. My lady has mood swings and there were a couple of times that I upset her - quite unintentionally I assure you. When she was in a bad mood her ability to understand me diminished greatly. Tania, our interpreter, helped me salvage the evening. On very short notice she would join us so that we could understand each other and resolve the issue. She went far above and beyond the call of duty. Finally, Alyona, the manager of the branch is a sweet young lady and was genuinely concerned about the "success" of my visit. She was exceptionally helpful in planning our excursion to Berdyansk. I look forward to seeing them all again during my next visit to my fiancee.

Charles Shank from Marshall Islands.

I wanted to let you know of the great trip I recently returned from visiting Sumy, Ukraine. The dates were August 22 till September 3. All services were excellent and the Charming Brides Team made sure that I was taken care of and happy. I feel that the ladies I met are very sincere and are quite attractive. My apartment was just as advertised and was excellent.

While there was not an attraction to the first lady I met the Team at Charming Brides found 2 other women which I write to often.

Let me sum it up for you: everything was excellent and was perfect and as ordered. Charming Brides cares about its clients and is a very professional and well run business and yes, I would return to Sumy,I am planning on visiting again in about 6 months.

I want to pass along my thanks to Irene the manger of the office in Sumy to make sure I was happy. Everything I ordered was excellent including the apartment and she went out of her way to accommodate me. Much thanks should also go to Irina the translator and Andrea the driver. They went above the call of duty as we say in the Military to help me out and their service was excellent.

I will recommend Charming Brides to anyone who wishes to visit Ukraine and have the chance to meet some really attractive and great and sincere women. You run a first class business and I will be returning to Sumy soon for another visit.

Thanks again for everything

Charlie Shank

Great Falls,Montana U.S.A.

Juha from Vantaa, Finland
Last time I was in Ukraine in summer 2010. It wasn’t my first trip to Ukraine through Charmingbrides. I'd like to share some experience here. Well,when I have been in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa (for 9 days) and Zaporozhye affiliates(7 days in June 2010), the personal driver always has helped me with the luggage and when shopping (so thanks to Mamenkon and Gennadi, if they are still working). Apartment where I stayed at was nice and comfortable and the location not too far from city centre. As for introduction to the ladies - in the beginning the lady was shy, but after few meetings she started to relax. Natalia Pankova, Julia (now in Australia) and Olga Sergienko (in Zaporozhye) always has been very tactful and nice persons when I have met ladies. And they do not tell lady everything I tell to interpreter, if Lady does not ask or I do not tell them by myself. In Finland certain personal matters are private, not public matters. Good job,Charming brides!

Daryl from Idaho, United States.

I was in Ukraine from June 23, 2010 to July 6th 2010. I have spent few days in Kiev and Odessa as well. I stayed in Zaporozhye a couple of days too. Interpretors were great! Alisa from Zaporozhye did a wonderful job! She took my side on viewpoints and she did not talk to the girls all the time.

Meetings were all organized wonderfully by the translator Alisa. Zap2 was fantastic..... Alyona, manager of Zaporozhye office did a great job with everything else. I am not sure about the girl I met because this was our first meeting. But I would like to come too ZAP2 again. It was a pleasant experience for me.

Paul from USA
Dear Charming Brides!
Everything is great and wonderful between Sveta and I, we have both fallen deeply in love. Our correspondence became serious quickly and meeting in person was beyond anything I ever imagined.
I had several flight cancellations due to bad weather here in the US and lost 2 days getting to Kiev. However, once I arrived in Kiev everything went smooth thanks to Olga from Sumy branch and the driver. Olga not only provided excellent translation, she provided exceptional customer service with apartment arrangements, guidance, and insight into Ukrainian culture. The drive to and from Kiev and Sumy was relaxing, safe and informative. There was never a time where I felt like a stranger. I only wish I could have stayed longer. Kiev was nice, but the time spent in Sumy made the lasting impression on my trip to Ukraine. I think leaving Ukraine was the one of the most difficult moments for us. I will be returning to be with Sveta in the summer, and have made an appointment with an immigration attorney here to begin the visa process for Sveta.
Thanks for all you and Olga have done to make my trip memorable and a turning point in my life.
March, 2009

Francesc from Spain
I would like to thanks Charming Brides and all the team there for their service and concern and especially for the opportunity to meet the love of my life. I started writing to a lady in April and first visited Kharkov in August and again in September; everything was perfect, the service was excellent and professional in every respect, both from the people at the agency to the interpreter and driver; in the first visit I had a few meetings and all went smooth, I realized I had met a special lady and in the second visit I devoted all my time to know her more and spend as much time with her as possible; we continued our correspondence through the agency and last Christmas I visited Kharkov again and spend a few days and the New Year with my love; again and despite the cold in Kharkov the service was great and in my meetings with my lady we realized we were in love and decided to compromise and become engaged. I am looking forward to my next visit, to meet my friends at the agency and especially to meet again my beloved.

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