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Ekaterina [ID 10607]
Age: 32y/o
Weight: 63 kg
Height: 170 cm
Hair: light brown
Eyes: grey
Charming Brides reliability is in itís ladyís sincerity
Fast teamís accessibility and timely service delivery

 Paulo Barosa from Portugal Paulo Barosa from Portugal

My story may be quite different from the normal. I met my Lady and now my fiancee after 2 video chats with the agency. Then I requested her personal contact. Today I can say I met the woman of my life. Special thanks to Marina in Kharkiv head office, whom has been wonderful to turn this dream possible.... more

 From Isaac, Nigeria From Isaac, Nigeria

What a goody social network! I am loving it, in just few months I was able to concretize a growing affinity without stress..., charming brides thank you for a job well done! After a very long time searched, not until now, that I have decided to be rest assured of my better half on this social platform. Guys! I am currently in love, that is fast Metamorphosing into conjugality p... more

 From Frank, USA From Frank, USA

I have been a member of Charming Brides for several years now, but off and on. In this time and especially recently since I began my search in earnest again a few months ago, the managers at the Kharkiv office have all been very helpful, particularly Elena most recently. She really seems concerned about my success in finding a nice lady! In fact I think I may have found her and I'm... more

 From Josep.B: My congratulations from these lines! From Josep.B: My congratulations from these lines!

Some time ago I decided find a woman on those sites, after give a look to several agencies, I choosed CB among others flashy agencies. Maybe I choosed this one because in few words writen their do not promisse miracles. The time has confirmed that I wans't wrong. In the past I contacted two ladies, and always I received a punctual answer, they exists for sure. Some months ago, I co... more

 Your thank you is very important for us! Your thank you is very important for us!

All our Charming Brides team work hard on our valued clients satisfaction and we are getting their words of appreciateion. Such kind of feedback is very important for us and such words really motivate us and thus we know we are on right way! Here are some of them : "Wow i sent my email with an inquiry and 5 minutes later you have solved the problem, i am thinking i might be ... more

 Peter Rogers from Australia Peter Rogers from Australia

All services were very good, I was very well looked after and all staff are very professional... more

 Love stroty from Dustin and Alena Love stroty from Dustin and Alena

Here is the love story of our wonderful couple - Dustin and Alena. Alena tells us: "We have met on this site by destiny. We were in correspondance for a long time just as friends. Dustin has decided to come and visit my city, meet me in real. Olesya the administrator helped us a lot, we could not see each other without her. Dustin has met my parents and my father has told me : ... more

 Steve Casey from Ireland Steve Casey from Ireland

I was very happy dealing with those people in office of Charming Brides. They are helpful and friendly.... more

 Robbert Mills from USA Robbert Mills from USA

When I first started to look at ladies in different countries. Ukraine has the prettiest and nicest ladies. I checked out different dating services and Charming brides is the most knowledgeable and honest service out their. They will do what they can for you!! You need this agency if you want to find a wife. They have done a great job for me to find a lady . I don't like the new w... more

 Marco Gatti from Italy Marco Gatti from Italy

I have been a member of the site Charming Brides for a while and I had the opportunity to share letters, to have video chats and meeting too. The conversations on this website were real and genuine. Lot of girls sincerely looking for a husband. Here you can have a good support, the CB managers are very helpful, available to solve problems, to exchange ideas on the Ladies, to pro... more

 Josep Bennet from Spain Josep Bennet from Spain

If you look for a nice and charming lady this is the right place, the right agency, be sure that all the people working there will help you in all the services that you may request, you have a wish?, it is done! you have a question? is answered! What else can be told? Nothing else except that all those angels working there knows perfectly their job and for my experience is perfect.... more

 Luiz Bastos from Belgium Luiz Bastos from Belgium

I was informed that Charming Brides was a reliable, honest and credible agency. I was in Kharkiv and decided to visit the agency before leaving after a disappointment encounter with someone. From the beginning , when I spoke to Nataliia I felt at ease and like I have been part of the agency for a long time. I love the coffee made by Marina. Every time I walk in it is like coming ho... more

 Luiz Bastos from Belgium Luiz Bastos from Belgium

My dear Ladies! Thank you for the wonderful coffee and friendship while on my visit to Kharkiv. I admire your positivity, friendship and energy to make others happy. The 5 roses of Kharkiv. *** Большое спасибо ! ***... more

 Mike from New Zealand Mike from New Zealand

Hello! I would like to share my impressions about my trip to Ukraine. I traveled to Ukraine in June and with CharmingBrides . I had reservations about going to Ukraine especially after recent events in Odessa at the time but Charmingbrides were always supporting me while I was there and I always knew if I needed something they would be there and help with my stay. It is important... more

 Oscar from USA Oscar from USA

'I discovered Charming Brides while in Kharkov this past May. I had a pleasant time during my stay despite the heightened political tensions. CB Manager Kate was very welcoming & went above & beyond to organize meeting the ladies of my choosing. I had a nice date & since my return continue to use Charming Brides. I didn't encounter any war related issues despite the US travel al... more

 Werner Weidner from Germany Werner Weidner from Germany

My name is Werner, I am a client of Charming Brides and I would like to share my impressions of the services Iíve got there and of my last trip to Odessa! I was there in September 2014 had a wonderful time! I was met by the local manages who were very kind and caring, the hotel, transfer and interpreter service was excellent! I got what I needed always in time! But the most impo... more

 From Charles From Charles

I should like to give a Glowing recommendation to Charming Brides for anyone wishing To seek out their true Love with the help of their services. The integrity and dedication of the agency and the associates is unsurpassed by any other firm. the attention You will receive by the Managers' far exceed any expectations You may have. Upon my arrival to Kharkov I was greeted by a... more

 A. from Dennmark A. from Dennmark

Charming bride is a very good agency. The staff is always there to help with advice in any matter whether it is finding a lady that matches your personality or which gift that is best regarding the the lady or for a given holiday. The staff did keep a constant communication with me and answer immediately whenever I had a question. The really great thing about the staff is that t... more

 Thanks from Paul Justice Thanks from Paul Justice

I want to thank Charming brides office in Kharkov in their professional help while I was there in June 2012. I found Maria and Olesya excellent and professional help as a Managers and Interpreters to help meet ladies from their database and to be my Interpreters with Communication with the ladies I meet. Ask them for honest feed back and you will receive it on your date with a lad... more

 Jerry Jaquinto from United States Jerry Jaquinto from United States

Several years ago, I had made the decision of finding a lady outside my own country. As I was finding other methods of finding the "perfect" other half were not working for me. Such as Dance clubs, social gatherings, internet dating sites, and so forth. When I took the first step in looking for a foreign lady, I must admit I was very naive. I made so many amateur mistakes in... more

 Eddie Peel from New Zealand Eddie Peel from New Zealand

All the members of Charming Brides are really great. Their intuition is better than mine quite frankly. In a short time, they had a list of ladies that they felt matched my character and my age. Out of these meetings came a fondness for a lady that I had not even had correspondence with. We are getting on very well indeed. She will be coming over to visit me soon and I am really... more

 Damien Bricka from USA Damien Bricka from USA

Again thank you Charming Brides for a job well done!You have always delivered and what you said would do!Alyona and I had our doubts in getting a visa for her to come and see me in France. But Irina, the manager of CB, kept on encouraging us and telling us that everything would be ok. She took the time to explain to both Alyona and I what needed to be done. And everything went smoo... more

 Paul Carrusca from Canada Paul Carrusca from Canada

Dear charming Brides team, Thank you for organizing everything. i am very greatful for your hospitality. Thank you for your wonderful staff. Everybody was very helpful, sincere, honest and hardworking. I'd be very happy to visit your beautiful city again and again. The city was breathtaking with old roads and buildings. My advice is to visit the city of Odessa and meet in my oppin... more

 Carl from Cody, the USA Carl from Cody, the USA

I recently returned from my fifth trip to Ukraine. The manager of the agency office in Sumy met me at the airport with my lady and, to my delightful surprise, my lady's son. It is about a four hour drive from Sumy to Kiev, so all of them spent many hours in a car. My flight arrived late in the afternoon. We stopped along the way for dinner at a nice little place outside Borispo... more

 Carl from Cody, United States! Carl from Cody, United States!

I have recently returned from my second trip to Zaporozhye_2. The apartment arranged for me was the best one I have had in my four trips to different parts of Ukraine. It was located in a nice part of town only a few blocks from the agency office. When I needed to go to the office I usually walked because it was so close. This was also the second time that Igor was my driver. ... more

 Charles Shank from Marshall Islands. Charles Shank from Marshall Islands.

I wanted to let you know of the great trip I recently returned from visiting Sumy, Ukraine. The dates were August 22 till September 3. All services were excellent and the Charming Brides Team made sure that I was taken care of and happy. I feel that the ladies I met are very sincere and are quite attractive. My apartment was just as advertised and was excellent. While there was no... more

 Juha from Vantaa, Finland Juha from Vantaa, Finland

Last time I was in Ukraine in summer 2010. It wasnít my first trip to Ukraine through Charmingbrides. I'd like to share some experience here. Well,when I have been in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa (for 9 days) and Zaporozhye affiliates(7 days in June 2010), the personal driver always has helped me with the luggage and when shopping (so thanks to Mamenkon and Gennadi, if they are still work... more

 Daryl from Idaho, United States. Daryl from Idaho, United States.

I was in Ukraine from June 23, 2010 to July 6th 2010. I have spent few days in Kiev and Odessa as well. I stayed in Zaporozhye a couple of days too. Interpretors were great! Alisa from Zaporozhye did a wonderful job! She took my side on viewpoints and she did not talk to the girls all the time. Meetings were all organized wonderfully by the translator Alisa. Zap2 was fantastic...... more

 Paul from USA Paul from USA

Dear Charming Brides! Everything is great and wonderful between Sveta and I, we have both fallen deeply in love. Our correspondence became serious quickly and meeting in person was beyond anything I ever imagined. I had several flight cancellations due to bad weather here in the US and lost 2 days getting to Kiev. However, once I arrived in Kiev everything went smooth thanks to... more

 Francesc from Spain Francesc from Spain

I would like to thanks Charming Brides and all the team there for their service and concern and especially for the opportunity to meet the love of my life. I started writing to a lady in April and first visited Kharkov in August and again in September; everything was perfect, the service was excellent and professional in every respect, both from the people at the agency to the inte... more

 Carl from USA Carl from USA

I made my first visit to Kharkov early in September. The staff was wonderful. They all worked very hard to make sure I had a fun and entertaining (as well as safe) visit. My meeting with the lady I had been writing to for some time did not go like I had hoped, but the girls helped me to arrange dates with other ladies, and I am now writing to some of them. The tour is also very rea... more

 Todd from USA Todd from USA

Dear Charming Brides, I want to thank you for your excellent service for my visit to Kharkov as well translation of my letters to my fiance prior to my visit. I joined your agency and wrote to one lady and visited Kahrkov within a month of joining. During the first meeting in Kharkov it was clear everything I wrote to her and what she wrote me through your agency was our words an... more

 Jan from Belgium Jan from Belgium

Dear Charming Brides, I want to thank you for your help and support during my stay in Kharkov. I've spent a wonderful time in your beautiful city. I also liked the apartment that I could rent from you very much. It's a very beautiful apartment. You and your team are doing a great job. You are very professional and honest and it's a privilege to know you. Thank you! Best rega... more

 Anthony from USA Anthony from USA

I want to say hello to all out there who are on the same quest as myself. I took that leap to meet the girl Iíve been corresponding with since September. I was met at Boryspil Airport by Julia, our personal driver and the girl who is the reason I came. I was greeted with big, warm smiles. Just one of those moments you never forget. I instantly felt at ease and knew I made the right... more

 Shane from Australia Shane from Australia

Hello everyone! My name is Shane Allanby. Anyway let me say that I was considering going to Ukraine to meet the love of my life for sometime as i have read so much about the women and there sincere attitude towards love and finding the man of there dreams. I was looking at quite a few sites and then stumbled across charming brides! i read through their web site and they sounded ver... more

 Roger from Belgium Roger from Belgium

After four months of corresponding with a lady, I decided to travel to Kharkov. It was a great time! The city centre is very nice with many open spaces so you donít have the feeling that youíre in such a big city. The Charming Bride Team receive you with open arms and handle you very friendly so you feel yourself at ease. The team wants to help you to find your soul-mate. All this... more

 Claude from France Claude from France

In earlier times, an aphorism said that our opportunities are measured only by our ignorance. Today, this vision of the world is evidently no longer in use. It is certain that we ourselves to some extent make the meetings that we wish, now it can be by the subscription to an agency! How many probabilities are there that these meetings come true finally? Many stages are necessary... more

 Stefano from USA Stefano from USA

Olga, Natalia, I just want to thank all of you for the incredible experience I have lived in Kharkov, you have made me feel like at home with all your attention in every detail, I did not find my soul mate but the trip was worth it and I am very interested on coming back and try again. Thank you again and let's keep intouch My best wishes Stefano, USA January, 2007... more

 Dean from United Kingdom about his second visit Dean from United Kingdom about his second visit

Hello again my friends Olga, Natalia & Julia, I extend my thanks again for the way you looked after me while I was in Kharkov. Thank you for the Christmas celebration that you held in the office, I still can't believe that we drank 3 or 4 bottles of champagne that night and later in the bar I still managed to drink some vodka which Natalia said that I must drink the way that the Uk... more

 Chris Parker, UK Chris Parker, UK

Hi Olga, Julia and Natalia! Thank you so very much for everything you did for myself during my recent trip to Kharkov, the service you provided for me and help was out of this world, I had an absolutely fantastic time, everyone was so helpful and friendly, from yourself and everyone in the office to the drivers who drove myself and Tatiana around everywhere [those guys were amazin... more

 Kevin Carney, our USA representative Kevin Carney, our USA representative

Dear Olga and Natalia! As your North American representative I wanted to compliment you on your quality of service on my recent visit. Everything from meeting me at the airport to seeing me off and making sure I was on my plane made my visit very worthwhile. I particularly enjoyed your new driver Mamikon who not only knows the city inside and out but is actually quite knowledgea... more

 Dean from United Kingdom Dean from United Kingdom

Hello, I have recently visited Kharkov Ukraine with the Charming Brides marriage agency. The trip was a wonderful experience made possible by the help of the Charming Brides staff. The service that I received while on my trip was above all my expectations, and I am planning another trip soon. I was met at the airport by Natalia who could not do enough to help me while I was there... more

 Chuck from Florida, USA Chuck from Florida, USA

I would not hesitate to recommend Charming Brides because they have the integrity and honesty which sets them apart from other agencies. First of all, I was surprised to get help from Kevin, USA representative, who prepared me for the trip. I was amazed by their service!! Natalia and Julia were very helpful and took care of me as if we were family. I also had my own driver (Pa... more

 Rudolph from the Netherlands Rudolph from the Netherlands

I have visited International dating agency Charming Brides Kharkov at the end of June and had a great time. All credits to the staff of Charming Brides. Natasha Pankova gave me a warm welcome at my arrival and she really went the extra mile to make me feel at home. Nothing but good words also for her new colleague Julia Sitalo, who was my interpreter on my Russian date. Ju... more

 Skip Gilmore from the USA Skip Gilmore from the USA

Hello to all you guys looking for that special someone in your life. If you have come to Charming Brides Marriage agency, then you have come to the right place. Olga and Natasha at Charming Brides are the best thing that happened to me during my stay in Kharkov. Natasha met me at the airport and whisked me away to a very nice apartment for my stay. She and Olga were not only profe... more

 Frank Kriewaldt from Canada Frank Kriewaldt from Canada

Everyone who joins an agency does so with hopes and dreams for the future. Each of us is uncertain as to the kind of person we will meet; we all hope to be lucky enough to find that special someone with whom we can share our lives. Numerous agencies exist to help us with our quest. There are good agencies, and bad ones, so the experience can be rewarding, or heartbreaking. This is ... more

 Andrew from the USA Andrew from the USA

Hello! I visited Kharkov with the help of Charming Brides marraige agency recently. I must say that everything was handled very professionally, from airport transfers, to apartment accommodations. I was glad to purchase Business Tour package. Arrangemements for the meetings with ladies were well thought out, and the staff at Charming Brides International dating agency ... more

 Fabio Ballarini from Italy Fabio Ballarini from Italy

I am glad that I can share my good impression on trip to Ukraine, Kharkov and Charming Brides marriage agency with anyone interested. Kharkov is a fascinating eastern European town with a Russian soul. People are friendly, monuments and parks are worth a visit. Charming Brides russian dating services are effective. They work locally on small numbers, meet the girls personally and k... more

 Tom Gierut from the USA Tom Gierut from the USA

Hello Olga, My first trip to Ukraine, Kharkov was a complete success thanks to the Charming Brides Marriage Agency. I came here to visit a special Russian lady who I was writing to for over six months. the nice comfortable apartment downtown wich goes with the Business tour was very good, the daily taxi and our translator Natasha worked out perfectly. I felt completely at home... more

 Hans from Belgium Hans from Belgium

Hello Olga and Natasha, Here a quick note on my trip to Kharkov in January. Like you know it was cold outside but you kept me warm with a big welcome. I really liked spending time with Lena my russian date and Natasha- interpreter, playing pool and going to nice restaurants. It was well worth it. I got to meet Lena and she was everything I hoped for and more. I like the city also ... more

 Allan Smith Allan Smith

Hi Olga, Just a note to say thanks for the opportunity to study Russian with Nataly on my recent trip to Kharkov. She was a good teacher and I enjoyed the lessons very much. The 4 weeks I spent in Kharkov went by so quickly as usual and it was awesome to be able to spend time with my russian lady during Christmas and New Year. Now I will be able to use Russian from time to time a... more

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