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Marina [ID 10603]
Age: 31y/o
Weight: 60 kg
Height: 172 cm
Hair: chestnut
Eyes: hazel
Charming Brides reliability is in itís ladyís sincerity
Fast teamís accessibility and timely service delivery

image.jpeg Jerry Jaquinto from United States

Several years ago, I had made the decision of finding a lady outside my own country.
As I was finding other methods of finding the "perfect" other half were not working for me. Such as Dance clubs, social gatherings, internet dating sites, and so forth.
When I took the first step in looking for a foreign lady, I must admit I was very naive. I made so many amateur mistakes in this venture. Have been mislead by so many so-called honest people who knew more about the business about foreign brides' agencies, and cultural backgrounds. I had hard time trusting anyone as this activity of finding a lady. It was becoming more a job than a journey. Costing me much time and money with no results.
At the precipice of just giving up on finding my match, I was fortune enough to meet a real expert in USA who knows about meeting foreign brides around the world. Most in particularly that in Ukraine and Russia. Being very acquainted him, he made me aware in his own life that he is marred with a lovely Ukraine wife with a child of his own.
When on the topic of how rocky my venture of finding my perfect match has been. My troubles with dishonest people, scams from ladies, and dishonest agencies. This gentleman became my mentor.
I asked him, "What agencies do I trust? Who can I work with in finding a foreign bride?"
He gave me a short list of recommendations, and later added that Charming Brides was the top of his list. He highly recommended them.
So that is where I started, working through his list. Working all the other agencies, putting his number one choice aside. With my earned skepticism, I tried to find an agency that I could 100% work with, and can earn my trust.
What I found is that my mentor was absolutely correct. Charming Brides became the best choice for me and believe that they are best agency to work with in matching foreign men with a Ukraine lady.
My experience in working with Charming Brides is that they are professional, trustworthy and accommodating. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. Have a question about anything? They will answer it most promptly. Need to contact them? They are accessible in various forms of communication within reach. Problems with your stay in Ukraine? Problems are resolved, and will go beyond the call of duty to make sure their clients are comfortable and untroubled. If you like surprises, they have an actual office with staff you can be very acquainted with and can meet.
Unlike other agencies who tend to hide their operation with a cell phone number and email address only. The ladies on their website are real. No photograph on their website is "too good to be true" or loaded with women all looking like super-models. There are many types of ladies in the agency for gentlemen who have various tastes and attraction. The correspondences with ladies are not over-flourished in their descriptions about themselves. Ladies on their agency are more than happy and welcoming in meeting foreign men who want to meet with them.
Their Interpreter service is excellent. As the interpreters can transition Russian/Ukraine languages to English and American English with slang and accents rather easily. Be not afraid to get open and honest with their interpreters as they are your friend and counselor when it comes to interacting with ladies in their agency. Your personal delegates that sets the tone how your meetings with ladies will go. As they will understand exactly what you are looking for in a lady, and understand if your lady of choice is a very good match. So do not be shy, get comfortable using this service.

Charming Brides know the best places to eat, the trendy places to visit, and great places to visit to help you and your lady get the best quality time together.
Their apartment services are very good as well, and very affordable. You get to choose the apartment you want to stay in, unlike other agencies choosing it for you.
Most importantly, there is no pressure into spending more services than you actually want or need. It is all up to you how much you want to spend or invest that fits your spending budget. No one will 'haggle' you into purchasing into anything you are not comfortable with. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges.

I have been to Ukraine twice, and have met the office staff of Charming Brides. I have met some wonderful ladies and had a great time with them. Although I have not met my lady of my life just yet, but I know I will. I am most certain about this because CB has a good team of people in Kharkov that wishes all the best in my success in being happy and in love. In fact, they are positive and optimistic in wanting all good men to find their perfect Ukraine wife and life in happiness. Charming Brides does make a great support group.

Gentlemen, do waste your time by falling into the web of confusion when looking for a foreign lady in Ukraine. Stop first! Then contact Charming Brides and see how they can help you. It is my highest recommendation I could give.

-Jerry J.-
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